Board of Directors

As board members of MYTT, we extend our warmest greetings to each of you visiting our website. Our love for this program runs deep, and we’re passionate about empowering youth through technology. Together, we create an inclusive environment where young minds can thrive and shape a brighter future. Join us on this journey of impact as we nurture tech leaders and innovators, unlocking boundless potential. Thank you for being a part of our mission. Let’s dream big and transform lives together!

Yohan Fernando

President, Executive Board Comcast

Bonita M. Estelle

Vice President, Executive Board

Edsel Campbell

Treasurer, Executive Board
Grand Prairie Services

Tonya Biglow

Secretary, Executive Board
Coda Business Solutions

Debra Claybron

Board Member
D.C. Associates

Bridgett L. Carter

Board Member
Cook County Health Department

Cornell Collins

Board Member
Uptake, Inc.

Bruce Cook

Board Member
The Law Office of Bruce Cook

Sharon Deveranez

Board Member
Retired Educator

Karen Fulton

Board Member
Peace in the South Suburbs

Elliott H. Johnson

Board Member
Heyward & Johnson, LLC

Stephanie Kendricks

Board Member
WinTrust Bank

Angela Maclin

Board Member
Cook County Planning & Development

Antuan Spann

Board Member

Gwendolyn McMiller

Board Member
Shippteam Corporation.

Celeste Bowman

Board Member
State of Illinois

Shontay Grant-Pinder

Board Member
University of Chicago