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The MYTT Mission

Mentoring Youth Through Technology is designed to inspire, educate and mentor our youth with the use of technology. With programming available in Illinois, Mississippi and Tennessee, MYTT offers training in Robotics, Coding, Game Development, 3D animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Application Development, Network Engineering, Computer Hardware and much more.

This innovative approach to date has led MYTT to serve thousands of youth in all three of our communities. The organization also offers Robotic workshops, Robotic Clubs, STEAM summer camps, STEAM expos, enhanced after-school STEAM programs, annual Youth Technology conferences, an Engineering After School Program, and a Young Entrepreneurship Program currently in development.

Our Story

“Technology is the hook—the mentoring piece is a bigger part of what we do.”

Randle Carter, MYTT Executive Director

MYTT founder Randle Carter grew up in the East Garfield Park community on Chicago’s West Side, which is known mostly for its high crime, gang and drug activity. In many neighborhoods, it’s common for individuals without abundant opportunities to struggle in school, drop out or become fated to fill the shoes of relatives who are either chronically unemployed, gang members or incarcerated. Carter’s parents knew he faced academic challenges and socio-economic pressures, but they intervened early on to protect him. They understood how a lack of direction could thrust him into a lifestyle most youths in the community found to be inescapable.

With motivation from his parents and support from so many others in his community, Carter was inspired as a young adult to start his own technology consulting business, and successfully managed a number of large projects, including database management systems, redesigning network infrastructures and more. His work as a consultant led to him building the IT infrastructure of many companies, and allowed him to travel around the world. Technology changed his career path, but he wanted youth to be provided with the same opportunities in the technology field.

Carter channeled his passion for technology and exposing youth to opportunities into the not for profit organization we have today, Mentoring Youth Through Technology (MYTT). Its mission is to shift the next generation from technology consumers to innovators by helping them become entrepreneurs and inventors of technology; and to significantly impact the success of companies, products, and brands. Armed with an understanding of how some youth have no idea what they want to be when they grow up, Carter is committed to being a catalyst for change.

It’s an organizational belief that youth are the leaders of innovative exploration, and technology is the tool of aspiration. As a testament to our commitment, youth are often enrolled in MYTT without any prior technological exposure and come out stronger in the field. After being exposed to the robotics program, participants have conveyed career interests in mechanical engineering, IT, game development and entrepreneurship.

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