MYTT Innovation Centers, where most of our programming takes place, are designed to support students in developing fundamental skills in a variety of areas with the latest technology. From the first one-day workshop students take to the clubs they join for weeks of growth and learning, MYTT youth are developed to become leaders.

Our young people are full of ideas for change and growth, and they need programs that help channel and nurture those bright ideas. They can recognize problems and solve them by having the energy to seek out challenges and patience to learn from mistakes. Giving them opportunities to plan, decide and work prepares them to face the harsh realities of life.
Our center staffs are trained to tap into their hidden potential. This paradigm shift allows the students become peer then senior mentors as they master each level of curriculum. This will develop life, leadership, job and entrepreneurship skills using resources that will prepare them to confidently compete for 21st century opportunities.

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To date, Mentoring Youth Through Technology (MYTT) has served more than 1,000 youth in STEM in multiple communities. Help us reach, educate and inspire even more through the power of technology.